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Dani Toro

Milan, Italy & Ft. Lauderdale, FL

How did you start your DJ career?

I started my career because I was a big fan of some DJs and I always wanted to change the order of the songs in the DJ sets so I asked a friend to loan me the equipment, back then were turntables and a mixer. I started mixing vinyls was very difficult it took me forever to learn! but I was already somehow skilled because I was doing mixes already with tapes.

How would you describe your music style?

Global tribal and circuit music: I call it global because I adapt myself to all the countries I visit.

We are united by the music in our community but each country has its own style and since I DJ all over the world, I would define my style as global tribal and circuit.

What is your favorite part about being a DJ?

The emotions when the drop happens and the crowd is dancing cannot be explained but of course the traveling part is just amazing, discovering the world by visiting dancefloors from Paris to Sydney stopping by all the countries in the world.

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What do you enjoy most about the circuit party scene?

That it belongs to us: this sense of safe space for us is just amazing, is our culture and we worked so hard to have our own culture and is allowing the new generations to find their own safe space where they can express themselves safely through the music.

What is your advice to anyone who wants to become a DJ?

My advise would be easy roads lead nowhere. Work hard, set up your goals and work hard to achieve them! And of course be humble and be helpful to anyone asking you for help.

What is one thing you'd like people to know about you?

That I worked and I work very hard. After 20 years I still have to work hard because the market and the politics within makes everything so difficult. I am very passionate in what I am doing, it is not all about the looks. Don’t get fooled by what you see on Instagram because I am behind so many things you would never imagine. And I am single!!!

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